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Taylor’s Thoughts- PAing

I started this writing journey in 2015, not knowing a damn thing about the whole job description for being an author. I mean, I wrote a story and that’s all there is to do, right?


Let’s say that the book you wrote is like a big ol’ oak tree. That tree has a thousand branches coming off of it and each one of those branches requires your attention. Editing. Formatting. Book Cover. Interacting on social platforms. Developing a web page. Promoting. Promoting. Promoting- parties, tours, contacting blogs, blah blah blah.

Mental exhausted yet? I am.

Now, if you don’t have a job outside the home, kids that require your attention, and everything else that comes along with being an adult, you can multitask and trim those branches one at a time and remain sane. lol I wasn’t one of them. I found myself mentally shutting down all the time and I’m not afraid to admit it.Get this straight-I’m not downing anyone that is able to stay home and write. No butt hurting, okay. I actually envy you, like really hard. I would LOVE-LOVE to stay home and write. This writing adventure is really hard when 10-12 hours a day is already dedicated to a day job. But when you love something, you will jump the hurdles to achieve it. Right?

Fast forward to summer of 2017. The summer one of my #1 readers-turned-friend finally agreed to be my PA. *sigh* *deep cleansing breath* *Stress floating off my shoulders*


See, it didn’t take long for me to realize I couldn’t do it all and my sales proved it. Yes, I sold books, but the sales were not great. My sales showed how little I was getting out there among the readers, no matter how much I worked on pimping myself.

I knew I needed a PA, but I couldn’t afford one. You see, I’m not made of money. I work hard for every dollar I make, like the THOUSANDS of other aspiring authors out there. All the extra cash we have goes to producing our book babies, so that doesn’t leave much of anything left to hire someone. Indie authors are not rich. We work for hours and hours for pennies. Yes, pennies. If you take what we spent on producing books, promoting them, buying swag, and so on, we make pennies. It’s why we get so angry when someone pirates us. *deep calming breaths. Leave that subject for another time*

Back to PAing. Like I said, I couldn’t afford a PA. Most paid PAs I found wanted more money than I was making off my books. I’m not dogging paid PAs, not at all, but a lot of them think Indie authors are rolling in the green. Just not true.

So, I knew I needed help and I knew I couldn’t afford to hire someone. Where does that leave me? In shit creek without a paddle…lol  That was until Victoria B happened; she became my paddle this summer. She agreed to help me out and become my PA; that was my favorite day of 2017. She was upfront and said she knew nothing about PAing,  but with the help of other PAs, she’s learning and growing by leaps and bounds. She has my street team posting. My reader group becoming more interactive. She keeps building my page and group. She’s trimming and tending to all the branches I wasn’t able to get to. She’s a God send.


But Taylor, I thought you couldn’t afford a PA?

I can’t. Victoria does all this work because she believes in me. Let me say that again. SHE. BELIEVES. IN. ME! She believes in my ability to create worlds that are worth escaping into. She loves my books so damn much she wants the rest of the reading community to read them and she isn’t afraid to work her ass off to do it. That’s dedication. That’s love. That’s something that grabs ahold of my emotions and makes me cry. I will never ever be able to thank her enough for all the hard work she does, but I try. For her work, she gets all my books, and swag for free. She gets to know the inside details of my work before anyone else. She loves that part. I will also buy her e-books of her choice. *I seriously have to twist her arm for this. Seriously.*

My point in all of this.

Authors, don’t be afraid to accept help. We are not super heroes and can’t do everything on our own. I work a day job and wasn’t online enough and my lack of sales had shown it.

Also, in my opinion, the best PA is a fan. They will be the ones that will go to the ends of the earth for you. So, if you have a fan that already promotes you like crazy, is good with grammar(this is a must in my opinion), you two chat almost daily, and is sane or is on your level of sanity, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. You could be making their year by asking them to help you. Plus working for free books, swag, and inside details is pretty fucking amazing to some. But make sure you two bond well. They will be representing you when you are off line and creating. So, do be cautious.

Again, I’m not dogging paid PAs. So no butt hurting, please. I get that you want to turn your love of promoting books into a business, just like us writers are doing with our books. The point of this post is to let another aspiring, non-wealthy authors know there is another way to get help.

And back to my Victoria. Since becoming a PA, she has developed her own blog and FB page to support ALL INDIES.

Check her out!

Blog Spot- Victoria’s Thoughts and Reviews.

1 thought on “Taylor’s Thoughts- PAing”

  1. You are going to make me cry! I am so happy that I excepted your request to PA for you and YES I do truly believe in your books and you! You are an amazing author and the world needs to read your books. You already know your appreciation for what I do is thanks enough (but I won’t turn down your books and swag lol).

    Liked by 1 person

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