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Some random things about me.

✿ I’ve turned twenty… twice + five years.

Wife of one for 24 years and mother of two sons.

✿ I write contemporary romance full of twist, turns, and Holy F*cks.

✿ I live on the outskirts of a small town in southern Indiana.

✿ When reading, I love stories about alpha males that are jerks and the women that change them. I love the stories so much, I began writing them in 2015.

I have a one-click addiction.

I tend to say inappropriate things from time to time.

I speak fluently in sarcasm.

✿ I’ve been obsessed with the TV show Supernatural when Dad went on a hunting trip. Dean is my fictional husband, and my real-life husband is totally cool with that.

I love the movie Deadpool. He speaks my kind of language.

I have three tattoos and want more.

I’m a Blockhead, aka a fan of New Kids on the Block.

I love eating the center of a pizza the most.

I love to do crafty shit and scrapbooking.

✿ I love watching cat videos.

✿ My biggest habit is not finishing my pop. I tend to leave half-empty cans on the counter. Yes, I said pop, not soda. I’m one of THOSE people… lol

About my writing journey.

On June 23rd, 2015, I hit publish for the very first time, and it has been an amazing experience. Since then, I’ve written & published six full-length books and a novella.

Currently, I’m working on Revenge(stand alone), and Their Wicked Obsession- a spin-off of Her Wicked Fantasy.

Below are my current publications.

X-Treme Series: The X-Treme series begins with Xavier and Lilly’s love story and ends with Dawg and Laney’s.   
X-Treme Confusion– There is no letting go once you let passion take hold. Not even when your trust and heart is broken.
X-Treme Lies– When all the truths are revealed, it’s time to fight for the woman you love.
Xavier Loves Lilly, novella- Flowers and candy isn’t the only thing you get when you spend the Valentine’s day with Xavier James.
X-Treme Caution, a spin off- Dawg and Laney’s story- Ten years of celibacy was no match to the yearning she created.

Her Wicked Fantasy is about a loving and dedicated married couple that still has fun in the bedroom. It’s a story that proves that just because you’ve been married for a long time, you don’t have to give up your sexual fantasies; even if that fantasy involves another man

Rebelling Love was released on June 30th. It’s about two people that just cannot get along with each other, but for one of them, there is this pull. Roxie’s fiery attitude and dirty mouth set Magnum’s veins on fire, and he can’t get enough of her. There is something about her that sets his soul on fire, and he refuses to listen to her when she tells him to piss off and leave her alone.

Four short stories , taking you from sensual dreams to vivid nightmares and back to sensual desires.

So, if you like strong women, damaged alphas,  HEAs with good twists and turns that are full of emotions, go one-click my book babies.

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