Her Wicked Fantasy




Kat- I’m married to the most amazing man that has ever walked the planet. He looks at me the same way he did when we first met; twenty some years and three kids ago. I have it all. So, why do I have this wicked little fantasy of being pleasured by two men at the same time?

Eric- My wife has a wicked little fantasy of being pleased by two men at one time. She doesn’t think I know, but I do. It’s my job to know what she wants in and out of the bedroom. However, she doesn’t know that I want it to. I’m just waiting for the right man to come into our lives to make her fantasy a reality.

Brantley- To the outside world, I have a perfect life. A beautiful fiancée, a soaring career, and tons of adoring fans. I’m not happy; not even close. I’m surrounded by many, but I’m alone; heart, body, and soul. I don’t realize how lost I feel until I meet her. She makes me feel. She makes me hungry for her. She makes me feel reckless enough to confess my need for her body to her husband.




HWF NomReading this book I immediately fell in love with Kat. OMG, she is so straight forward, funny and smart. I couldn’t help but want her as a friend. It’s no wonder Eric (her husband) makes it his mission to keep her happy, both in and out of bed.

Taylor Johns portrayal of a happily married couple is absolutely enviable. The open communication and fierce passion Eric and Kat share made this book more exciting for me, a long time married gal. Throughout the book, both Eric and Kat make sex and pleasing one another a priority and it gets very steamy at times. So steamy I think it may have raised my temperature a time or 5 while reading.

All of that being said, the heat level rises exponentially when Her Wicked Fantasy is revealed and begins to play out. I’m telling you I went from wanting Kat as my friend to wanting to BE Kat. This is surely a fantasy I’ve had and I’m certain many readers of romance/erotica have as well.

In conclusion, I loved this book and the characters. The twists at then end made want to drop my Kindle and scream why, but then she twisted it again… darn you Taylor for playing with my emotions! If you are looking for a fun book with great characters, a good love story, and extremely hot sex, you MUST READ Her Wicked Fantasy.

I happily rate this book 5 steamy stars.
-Nikki K

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