Xavier Loves Lilly, a novella

Xavier Loves Lilly is a novella that is to be read after X~Treme Confusion and X~Treme Lies.

In this short story, you will spend Valentine’s Day with Xavier and Lilly James. Xavier has planned a day full of love and surprises for Lilly. From the moment she wakes up, he showers her with fourteen acts of love and a few gifts that he put a lot of thought in to show her how much she means to him.

Join them for a day full of love, laughs, and lust.



“You’ve just gotta love a man who puts thought into making his woman feel special! ♥
I love that we get to see this side of Xavier in this novella. It really lets me know more about the character (which I love!) and makes them more real to me.” -Nicole B.


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