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Spreading The Love- Jane Anthony



I ‘met’ Jane at a book party we were part of. I commented on her stuff and she commented on mine. From the very first comment, I liked this chick. She was like me, but with another name…lol For me it was friend love at first party post.
Jane Anthony

Erotic/Contemporary Romance

Secrets & Promises Chasing Casey KADE: A Second Chance Rockstar Romance Resurrecting Hope Pretty Reckless
What do you love about writing?
Getting to know the characters

What are your goal(s) when it comes to writing?
To silence the voices in my head 😉

Is there anything you won’t write about?
I don’t think so. I mean, I probably wouldn’t write about incest or bestiality or something insane like that (haha), but I’m usually pretty open minded.

Are sex scenes difficult to write?
YES! I put way too much pressure on myself to make sure they’re sexy enough. My betas make fun of me because I’ll write something totally filthy and then ask, “Do you think this needs more? I don’t think it’s hot enough.”

Who is your idol in the book world?
This is a really hard question. I have several idols for different reasons. CM Stunich is probably my favorite romance writer to date – I love her raw, chaotic style.

If you could co-write with one author, who would it be?
Oh my. I co-write with several of my own personalities on a daily basis!

You’ll always find in my fridge.
Beer and baking soda.

Favorite candy.
Sour Patch Kids!

Favorite Movie.
The original Rocky.

Favorite stripper song.
Toss up – Cowboy by Kid Rock, Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue, or Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

Guilty Pleasure.
I don’t feel guilty about anything. I own that shit 😉

The last thing you bought online.
False eyelashes. Yeah … I’m THAT girl.

Household chore you actually enjoy.
Are you high?

Favorite family ritual.

If there was an extra hour in the day, you would…
I’d love to say I would use it productively, but who am I kidding? I’d probably blow the extra time on Facebook.

I just learned.
…that Dermacol Make-up Cover provides outstanding coverage with a natural looking finish for your entire face and body. (Gotta love FB ads!)

You drive
…people crazy?

What could you not live without?

If I were to pull your browser history up would I think you were a serial killer, a sex fiend or something in between?
Considering my latest book, you’d probably think I was a recovering addict facing jail time!

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