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If you’re reading this, it means you have decided to follow me and/or to receive emails from my website. AKA- you’re awesome. I’m not going to take up too much of your time with endless words, but I do want to share with you some wordage from the book.

Closing my eyes, I plead, “Laney, please stop this.” My body betrays my words as I subconsciously start moving her hips with my hands. “Please be the voice of reason and stop this mistake from happening,” I beg her. The feel of her hot pussy rubbing against the straining material of pajamas has me groaning and my resolve to deny her disappearing.

The feel of her lips on mine has me squeezing my eyes shut. She draws my bottom lip into her mouth and sucks on it gently. “Look at me, please.” She begs, her voice laced with hunger.

“I can’t do this, Laney. I can’t do this to our friendship.”

She pulls away from my face.

“I’m not asking you to love me. I just want to forget about everything that’s going and get lost in the wonderful world of pleasure.” She smiles a little sinister smile and leans in again. She nuzzles my neck, nipping and tasting my flesh. When she leans up and does the same thing to the other side, she whispers in my ear, “Please, Kendall, I have an ache inside me, and I know your cock will make it go away,”

Her pleading destroys my fight to deny her. I urgently reach up and grasp her head. Finding her wanting lips waiting to be taken leaves me brainless. From the moment she said my real name, my denial of her is lost and in its place is my need.

We devour each other, recklessly. Laney pulls away just long enough from my lips for me to pull her shirt over her head and toss it on the floor.

I wrap my arms around her waist and crush her to me; the feel her bare breasts against my skin causes every rational thought in my mind to explode. In their place is every filthy, deviant vision I had of us.

Did you like that? I hope so. Now link the link below to enter the bouncy box giveaway. Good luck!

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