Take a journey with me to the many recesses of my mind.

Shenanigans is just that, the different scenarios that flit around my noggin.

Four short stories , taking you from sensual dreams to vivid nightmares and back to sensual desires.

Set your imagination free and join me for some dark, sexy and fun… Shenanigans.

*Click image for sale link.

Sexcapades– Marcus took my mind and body on a sexual journey that I didn’t know I needed. Now he wants McGarrett to be part of our adventure.

Corrupted Love– Passion doesn’t care if you’re a good or bad person. And once you give in to it, there’s no going back. No matter how much you fight it.

Dream Master– When the local police department was unable to help a group of women after they were attacked, I’m asked to help. I’m not a cop and, the perpetrator isn’t human. Time is running out. Now I must join him in his realm to bring his reign of terror to an end.

Vengeance– My husband killed me. Not literally, but he destroyed the sweet and trusting person I once was. Like the Phoenix, I rose from the ashes of my old life and became stronger. Now it’s my turn to help others to survive the life that nearly killed me.

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