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Thankful- The family gathering.

Below is a short story I wrote for my November Newsletter. The story has my characters and I sending Thanksgiving day together.


The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout my house as a person continues to press it’s button repeatedly. I give the homemade chicken and noodles one last stir before putting the spoon down with an irritated sigh. Someone is being an ass just to be an ass, and I know just who it is. Walking closer to the door, I can hear the arguing on the other side. Shaking my head as I open the front door, I’m greeted with the same scene that Clark Griswold was greeted with in the movie Christmas Vacation when his parents and in-laws visited for Christmas.

Before opening the door, I knew what to expect. Xavier being an alpha asshole toward the other guys. He likes to throw it up in their faces that I created him first because he was hotter than they are. That he was my first alpha and popped my writing cherry.

I place two fingers in my mouth and let loose a loud, shrill whistle, causing everyone to stop talking and turn to me. I sigh heavily in Xavier’s direction, “Xavier, if you don’t stop picking fights with the other guys, the next story I write for the X~Treme series, you’re going to have a tragic penis accident.”

As a look of horror crosses Xavier’s face as he guards his family jewels, then a voice speaks up behind him. “Don’t hurt him too much, Taylor, I kinda like playing with the little guy.”

A small, but very pregnant Lilly James pushes her way through the wall of tall men.

“Dude, your wife just implied you have a small pecker. That has to hurt.” Eric teases.

“Would a small cock….”

“Xavier! Stop! There are children behind you.” I scold him and give him the evil mommy eye to shut him up. I turn to look at Lilly, and my heart melts as I stare at the beauty in front of me that’s all aglow with pregnancy. “Oh my God, Lil, look at you. How are you feeling, sweetheart?”

We hug and as we separate, she replies, “Would it have hurt you to write a pregnancy that was full of magical moonbeams and shit? My back hurts. I have horrible heartburn. I want to eat everything within reach. My stomach is so big it feels like my arms have shrunk because I need help reaching for things, and my feet hurt. I can’t even put my own damn shoes on anymore, Taylor.” She says with a laugh, “Oh, and don’t get me started on the cravings and mood swings.”

From behind her, I hear Xavier make a low groan in the back of his throat. I laugh and inform him, “It’s called karma, Xavier. Deal with it.”

“Why would karma be after me. I’ve been a really good guy.” He says in self-defense.

“Um, the office thing with the blonde.” I give him a hard stare. “I told you not to do it, but would you listen to me? Fuck no.  You just had to do things your way, and you almost lost the best thing you ever had, dumbass. So, the karma part comes from not listening to me and hurting Lil.”

“I know. I know. That was the old me. The stupid, stubborn, fucked up X. Lilly made me a better man.” He says as he wraps his arms around his pregnant wife and kisses the top of her head.

“But you still deserve a cactus up the ass,” Laney adds as she pushes her way to the front to stand next to Lilly. She smiles at me and winks before turning her attention back to Xavier, “Asshat, your wife just said her feet hurt, you want to stop dicking around and help Lil into the house so she can sit down?” She doesn’t wait for Xavier to answer her question. “Where do I put this?” she asks as she holds a cover dish up.

“Apparently, Xavier isn’t the only one that doesn’t listen.” I sigh as I look pointedly at Lilly.

“Why are you looking at her? Maybe I made it.” Laney says. Xavier, Lilly, and I laugh as I move away from the door and motion the large crowd into my home. “Because, Laney, sweetheart, you use the smoke alarms as a timer when you cook.”

“Whatever.” She replies as she walks past me.

One by one everyone else walks into the house. I hug Kat and give her the same look I gave Lilly when I see that she’s carrying dish covered with aluminum foil. “Don’t bother lecturing her, Taylor. She’s just as pigheaded as Xavier.” Eric laughs as he leans down and kisses my temple. “Speaking of Xavier, I need a beer. Where’s Mr. J? I know wherever he is, there’s beer.”

“He’s out in the garage smoking the turkey,” I tell him as I point towards the back of the house. I turn my attention back to Kat, but she speaks first.

“Shut it. I was taught to never show up at a party without a something. My gift to you is homemade cinnamon rolls.” She says as she pulls back the foil and I see ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls.

I shake my head, “Put them on the kitchen counter, please.”

The rest of the gang walks in without incident, and I direct Eric and Kat’s kids to the Teens’ rooms where they are playing those damn X-boxes.

Walking into the kitchen, all the women are chatting around the kitchen table. Before joining them, I look out the window that is above the kitchen sink and see all the men standing around the smoker with a beer in their hands and laughing at whatever my husband is saying; always the comedian.

I join in the conversation at the kitchen table as the ladies talk about pregnancy, babies, and men. Kat is in the middle of telling us a story about Eric and his very first diaper change when we hear the front door open, and a voice yells out, “I’m here, Biatches! Let the eating begin!”

I shake my head at Heather’s entrance.

“Hey Tay Tay,” she says as she walks into the kitchen full of energy. Before I can say hello, she rushes to me and leans down to hug me. “Happy Thanksgiving. When are we eating? I’m starved!”

“Happy Thanksgiving, Heather. Why are you late?” I ask as I stand up.

“Ummm, I got sidetracked.” She says with a shrug, “What do you have to drink?” Heather asks as she walks to the refrigerator as she avoids my question. When she passes the kitchen sink window, she stops dead in her tracks. “Holy shit,” she says breathlessly.

Everyone stops talking and looks at her. “Tay Tay, when you write my story, could you write a very erotic, filthy dream scene with me in the center of attention of six men that look like them?”

“Heather,” Kat says in a warning tone. “Don’t. Don’t let your pervy thoughts get you in trouble with the wives of the men you are eye-fucking.”

Heather turns and looks at Kat, “Don’t what? Don’t say that every woman’s wet dream is out there drinking beer and looking so damn fuckable?” Heather looks from me to Lilly, and to Laney. “I’m so jelly, ladies. You get to feel all that man-ness between your thighs every night.” Heather says with a sigh.

“You could too if you would stop hoping from one bed to another. You’re always dodging commitment and feelings like you’re Frogger.” I tell her as I pull the ham out of the oven.

She gives me a look and walks away. Heather can lie to everyone, but me. I know her. I know her secrets and one day, everyone will too.

Before anyone can say anything, the sliding door opens, and my husband walks in carrying the smoked turkey. Behind him are Eric, Dawg, Brantley, Mathew, and Xavier chuckling at each other’s jokes.

“Gentlemen,” I say, raising my voice above theirs. When I have their attention, I continue, “I want each of you to grab a dish and carry it to the dining room then have a seat. Ladies, could you fix everyone a glass of tea? Except for Lilly, I want you to waddle your way to the dining room table and sit down, please.” I tell her with a wink and a smile.

Each of the guys takes a covered dish and carry it out of the kitchen to the dining room. The women stand up and start working as a team filling the glasses up with ice and sweet tea then carrying them to the dining room.

With everyone working together as a team, the dining room table is loaded with our Thanksgiving feast in just ten minutes. But what makes me pause a moment, is the sounds of laughter, love, and jesting coming from my table. Everyone gets along so amazingly. That is when Xavier isn’t coming up with ways to annoy the rest of the guys. But even then, no one really fights. Yes, they argue, but no one hates each other when all is said and done. And considering what an ass Xavier can be, that’s a blessing.

“Before we all dig in, I would like everyone to share what they are thankful for.” All the guys groan and roll their eyes.

“Well, I’m thankful I was your first book babe, and you gave me an amazing woman to spend eternity with,” Xavier says as he lifts his wife’s hand and kisses her knuckle.

“You may be the first, but a lot of women want to set your family jewels on fire,” Eric says with a chuckle. “The ladies think I’m amazing. I’m the husband they all want in their bed.” Eric boasts as he pats his chest. The table erupts in male voices as everyone brags about their popularity from their stories. It doesn’t quiet down until Mr. J stands up and slams his hand down on the table; scaring everyone.

“I don’t know why you idjits are fighting. A little of me has been put into each other you. So, basically, I’m loved more than any of you, and you’re basically my minions. Now, reel it in. Say what you’re thankful for and let’s fucking eat.”

One by one everyone says what they are grateful for. Each one of them is thankful for life, love, family and friends.

After the Hubster shares the things he’s grateful for, I look around the table and smile briefly at each of them before I start to tell them what I’m thankful for, but Xavier stands up first and looks down at me from the other end of the table.

“Taylor, before you begin, I have something else to say, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for everyone here. We want to thank you for giving our stories life. Without you, we would not exist.” He says as he sweeps his arm the length of the table. “You are our creator, and we can never repay you for that. Thank you for the adventures, both in and out of the bedroom.” He says as he gives me a wink. “We look forward to our family growing as you bring more of your voices to life and I know there will be many. I’ve been in your head; it’s very busy in there.” He chuckles and everyone nods their head in agreement.

I smile at him as I wipe the tears from my cheeks, “Okay, sit down, you ass. You done messed up my makeup. It’s amazing how you can be a total ass and yet, a total sweetheart.” I say as I fan myself in hopes to dry my tears.

“You made me this way, babe,” Xavier says as he sits back down in his seat.

“Don’t remind me,” I reply with a heavy sigh. “Okay, now it’s my turn. First, I want to thank Mr. J here for cooking supper and doing the chores that I don’t complete because the voices are loud or I’m pimping myself.” I grasp my husband’s hand, but he raises it to his lips and kisses my knuckles as he winks at me. “Second, I want to thank The Teens for being great kids and making this parenting thing easy… for the most part.” I laugh and wink at both of them. “Thirdly, thank you guys for talking to me and allowing me to write your stories.  Thank you for all the drama, the twists and turns, and the steaming hot…” I let my voice trail as I look down the table at the kids and remember I need to censor myself because of the little ears. “Coitus.”

“Mommy, what’s coitus?” Gracee asks her mom as she tugs at her shirt. Everyone starts to chuckle.

Before Kat can answer her daughter, Eric speaks up, “It’s something you won’t be doing until you’re in your thirties, little lady.”

“Well, anyway, thank you all for being who you are. And lastly but not least, I want to thank YOU. The reader, the blogger, the pimper, and my new friends. Thank you for taking a chance on me and my voices. Thank you for letting us help you pass the time or escape from the stress of everyday life. You are amazing. Simply amazing and I hope we all can remain life-long friends.”

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