Spreading the Love

Spreading The Love- The Smut-Brarians

The Smut-Brarians stalker links:  Twitter, Website, Facebook, and Instagram. The Smut-Brarians is ran by a fabulous group of ladies, Christina, Robin, Joanna, Christine, Stephanie, Jenny and Lyndsey. Lyndsey was the first Smut-Brarian I met, and I just love her to pieces. Below is her interview for the group. How old is the blog? The blog is close… Continue reading Spreading The Love- The Smut-Brarians

Newsletter Tidbit

Thankful- The family gathering.

Below is a short story I wrote for my November Newsletter. The story has my characters and I sending Thanksgiving day together.  Thankful. The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout my house as a person continues to press it’s button repeatedly. I give the homemade chicken and noodles one last stir before putting the spoon… Continue reading Thankful- The family gathering.