Spreading the Love

Love is…

Dee Stewart- Ben’s Choice

Christian and Britain Stone’s youngest daughter is the heart of their family. Sweet and incredibly talented, everyone adores her. Head over heels with her older brother Nick’s best friend Benjamin McAdams, Callie risks her heart when she strips in front of him on a snowy Christmas Eve and offers him her virginity. Recovering from a nasty divorce, what is he supposed to do with this beautiful woman who just happens to be his best friend’s little sister? He does what any hot-blooded male would do – he accepts her offer, and they begin a casual sexual affair flying between Colorado and California. Complications arise due to interference from Callie’s older sister Lily and her brother Nick, and Ben’s own reluctance to admit his true feelings. Rejecting her seems to be his only choice until he learns she is risking her life to carry his child. Will Ben finally realize the only choice that matters is accepting Callie’s love?

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