Spreading the Love

Love is…

K. Michaels-Crossing the Line

Mark Fisher dreaded going home for the holiday. That was until he saw her. The once gawky teen had become a stunningly beautiful woman. Now, he dreaded his return even more. Wicked thoughts filled his mind whenever he laid eyes on her, and it was everything he could do to curb his desires.
Miranda Jackson couldn’t believe how attractive she found him. The things his mere presence did to her were unspeakable. She saw the way he looked at her. She saw his internal struggle. She didn’t care about the consequences. She wanted him, and she would do whatever it took to win him over.
Trapped in the house, a blizzard raging outside, Mark and Miranda flirted with disaster. Every glance and every touch brought them closer to destroying everything they knew for their own pleasure. It would be a long week for them both as they fought temptation, trying not to succumb to their desires.


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