Spreading the Love

Love is…

Today is Valentine’s day and there is no better way to spend it then reading poetry. Below are a few poems from the talented Brooke Lee from her book, I am… The Muse Poet.

Valentines Promise

My memories with you
Filled laughter
and some tears
Many dreams we’ve shared
Over so many years
I know I don’t make it easy
My mind sometimes gets jumbled
But knowing that you love me
I am sincerely truly humbled
Forgive me when I’m crazy
You know this too shall pass
In your heart you recognize
That our love was meant to last Thank you for your heart my love
It means more than I can say
Never doubt
my love for you
Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Promise ©2016 Brooke Lee The Muse Poet

Quiet Shutter

Watching you
I remain unseen
I can see
the long strokes you make
up and down
your rigid shaft

The sheen
on your flesh
as you work yourself into a frenzy

Your expression
changes from relaxed
to pained
as you grow near
I see
your body spasm
and tense
just before you release

The look
of joy on your face
when you release your seed
causes my body to react

My thighs clench
and my breasts ache
with desire

The only way to stop the ache is to relieve the tension

My hand sinks into my panties
I find myself already slick
My eyes want to close
but they lock on your form
your image burning
my flesh

Faster I rub
deeper with each thrust
A moan
escapes my lips
and I’m caught

The smile
on your face
tells me you approve
And your nod
ignites the fire
in my core

A quiet shutter
and my legs tense
my inner walls tighten
and with your gaze…

I am there

Quiet Shutter ©2016 Brooke Lee The Muse Poet


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